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                      Welcome to Guangzhou XieYi Automation Technology Co.Ltd Official website!

                      Guangzhou XieYi Automation Technology Co.Ltd

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                      Key components WVCP show (electromagnetic valve and valve hand)

                      WVCP system refrigeration, defrosting, hand back to the gas valve adopts the Harsco Tuffy series pipeline valve, the val.....

                      Key components WVCP display (refrigerant)

                      WVCP series low-temperature mixed refrigerants, same model a.....

                      WVCP key parts (compressor)

                      WVCP series in U.S. carrier Carlyle series semi-hermetic compressor piston. This series of compressor for cryogenic refr.....

                      WVCP series steam trap pump is introduced

                      WVCP performance and parameters: WVCP main operating data: WVCP modular production: WVCP series modular production conce.....

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